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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy for Clients / Non Clients / Prospective Clients / Social Media Influencer / Vlog Creators

Signature Global understand its responsibility towards the social media and thrives on the principal that correct and authorised information should only be published for our clients and other related / relevant person / group of persons.

To avoid, dissemination of wrong, misconstrued, unverified information which may create unrest, un-satisfaction amongst the clients or related person, this Policy is being formed.

Signature Global reserves the right to preserve, store the information / videos / blogs that isis being displayed over any social media medium by any person in any capacity whatsoever for its future use. Any person, posting any information about the upcoming, on-going project, related / not related to Construction Update, Labour Information, Structural Disclosure, Employee Disclosure and or likewise and all other aspect which are not mentioned herein, must first obtain an approval by writing an email at marcom@signatureglobal.in with the specific requirement and purpose thereupon.

Upon receipt of approval, on the designated date and time, video / audio shoot may be conducted in the presence of Signature Global authorised Officials, and before uploading it on the social media or any personal / private / public channel, again, an unedited and edited version needs to be approved by the Group. Only the approved version, can thereupon be used at social media.

The creator of the content shall be responsible to ensure that only the approved content is being published and at the demand of the group, all the information, including the original / uncut / unedited video shall be submitted to Signature Global's appointed official person.

Any person / group of people / corporate / any other entity if is publishing any content without having written approval, shall be dealt according to the Civil / Cyber / Criminal Laws of the Republic of India.

This policy may be published at the website of Signature Global and may be read available to the readers for downloading for the designated purpose only.