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Advertising Policy for Channel Partners

The Group follows honesty and transparency to the core and strictly complies with all applicable rules, laws and regulations. The Group has specific policies regarding publishing of any advertisements / marketing campaign digitally / physical platform, which provide that, all channel partners are required to have a pre-approved consent of the Group before any campaign / advertisement is being run on any platform. In the best interest of our valued customers, channel partners and the Group, the policy adherence is imperative.

One must first obtain an approval by writing an email at marcom@signatureglobal.in with the specific requirement and purpose thereupon.

The Group has a zero tolerance policy for any unscrupulous acts by any person and views the same very strictly without any lenience. Any persons found indulging in such unauthorised acts are liable for stern action and proceedings including termination of their engagement with the Group

Any such unauthorised representation or unapproved/ unauthorised advertisements are not only unethical but against the terms of their engagement with the Group.