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Signature Global

Welcome to Signatureglobal (India) Limited, a 21st century real estate and infrastructure development company.

Founded by a set of seasoned professionals with an aim to amalgamate global standards and quality to Indian Real Estate Industry, the Group showcases a profound experience of multiple decades in stock market and financial services sector. Signatureglobal (India) Limited promoters have diversified to leverage their expertise of customer delight and transparent ethics into real estate.

Fusing visibility, accessibility, technology, design and energy conservation, we, at Signatureglobal (India) Limited aspire to deliver some of India’s most innovative real estate projects developed around nation’s most desirable locations. Beautiful landscapes, heavenly environs – pristine and untouched – away from the bustle of city life would be some of our key differentiators. Our aim has always been to enable our patrons live in the lap of luxury, yet find bask in the warmth of nature. At Signatureglobal (India) Limited, we understand, educate and execute the art of laying successful foundations, both for glorious businesses as well as evergreen structures. We are powered by an accomplished and ever innovating team of professionals with an endeavour to excel expectations of our associates, partners and the esteemed customers.

The philosophy of Signatureglobal (India) Limited is simple – bringing together the best and brightest minds in the industry to create a team that believes in the infinity of possibilities. Our nurturing spirit enables our people, to grow and realize their full potential. And as our people grow, so do our capabilities, our creativity and engineering ambitions along with our clients and their happiness.

As a young company, we still have a long way to go. But our foundations are strong and so is our determination to succeed. The next decade will be one of dramatic growth in the Real Estate sector and we promise to etch the Signatureglobal (India) Limited brand deep into the annals of residential and commercial architecture in India.


A vision that differentiates us

To begin with, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our company. Whether you are a client, an investor or one of our own team members, I sincerely hope we are able to provide you with whatever information you seek.

Signature Global takes great pride in everything that it does, and the projects we wish to deliver are going to be the proud examples of what can be achieved when brilliant minds come together, determined to make a difference to the world we live in.

Considered by industry pundits as the fastest rising real estate star in North India, I believe that our hard work, determination, foresight and the technological edge that we enjoy over our competitors, are the real differentiators when comparisons are made and experts take notes.

Attention to detail, superior quality, maximization of resources and elegant aesthetics are just some of the standards we demand throughout our projects – from residential to commercial, from retail to IT Parks; when we build, the entire process from design to execution to its final delivery – we try to ensure that experience of living and working in a Signature property is truly unparalleled.

You would see the magical touch of our brand in all properties that bear its name – from cutting edge, design driven facades created in close collaboration with award winning architects, to plush, ultra luxurious interiors designed keeping in minds the specific needs of the markets we serve. With each of our properties we continue to consistently raise the bar of luxury living in India. Even though as a company we are still young, we possess a rich and diversified presence across several core sectors in the real estate arena. As new windows of opportunities open up, we find ourselves well equipped to make a mark in the annals of Indian Real Estate in the coming years.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal | Founder & Chairman
Signature Global - Chairman
Board of Directors
Signature Global - Founder & Chairman
Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal

Founder & Chairman

 Signature Global Co-Founder & Vice Chairman
Mr. Lalit Aggarwal

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman

Signature Global - Co-Founder & Managing Director
Mr. Ravi Aggarwal

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Signature Global - Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director
Mr. Devender Aggarwal

Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director

Signature Global - Director
Mr. K.M. Agarwal

Independent Director

Signature Globa - Director
Mr. Chandra Wadhwa

Independent Director

Signature Globa - Director
Ms. Lata Pillai

Independent Director

Signature Globa - Director
Mr. Venkatesan Narayanan

Independent Director

Key Managerial Positions
Signature Global - CEO
Mr. Rajat Kathuria

CEO, Signatureglobal (India) Limited

Signature Global - COO
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Varshney

COO - Signatureglobal (India) Limited

Signature Global - Legal & Compliance Officer
M R Bothra

Group Legal & Compliance Officer

Signature Global - Legal & Compliance Officer
Ms. Nupur Garg

Deputy Legal & Compliance Officer


Our vision is to redefine the current conventions of Indian real estate development by championing excellence—in craftsmanship, planning and service. The greatest residential architectural marvels of the world shall rise here, defining luxury as a lifestyle lived every day.


To become the fastest growing pan-India company, with a versatile portfolio of properties, hailed for their design ingenuity, construction quality and long term value. To stand for the highest standards in real estate quality both in terms of planning and executing ambitious projects and offering our clients with the very best in urban luxury.


Signature Global Foundation

Signature global Foundation Trust, the humanitarian arm of Signatureglobal (India) Limited aims to empower society by providing multiple opportunities for the underprivileged. This is a charitable Trust formed under provisions of the Indian Trust Act 1882 under the direct guardianship of Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman of Signatureglobal (India) Limited.