Signature Global

Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s estimated that almost 30% of all CO2 emissions in India is contributed by real estate and infrastructural development, which is more than traffic and industry combined. More so as an industry, real estate is one of India’s largest employers of temporary labour and often finds itself in the news for labour exploitations. Largely unstructured, CSR thus, is usually not associated strongly with real estate sector as it is with other industries.

This comes as an irony, the dark side of the world of dreams. Real estate is generally coupled with aspirations, prosperity and prominence. This is because as an industry we are so caught in the race to build ever bigger, ever faster developments, we tend to lose touch of some of the poignant realities that are plaguing our nation. The fact is that even as we stand at the brink of becoming one of the global powerhouses, vast swatches of our population still find it difficult to meet the bare minimum needs to lead a life of dignity and respect.

However, we at Signature Global have always maintained connect with reality. The promoters of the group are significantly associated with various CSR activities and are actively involved with NGOs and charitable groups like Barsana Dham, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Trust, Saksham Charitable Trust, Ozanam Trust, Shri Shyam Parivar Sangh, Ma Madhuri Brij Waris Sewa Sadan- Apna Ghar Ashram, Art of Living Society, Sarva Mangalam Foundation, etc.

Thus as a company, we have quietly been doing our bit to help in whatever way we can. These initiatives may appear mere droplets but are certainly capable enough to create giant water receptacles. We are striving to create one such receptacle one day.

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