Reason to invest in real estate in Gurugram during festive days

New Gurugram is a satellite city in the Delhi-NCR and indeed a secure bet for many, provided they continue to be invested for a long-term. At the onset of the festive season, real estate presents an ideal opportunity for investment. While the conventional options remain gold, mutual fund and fixed deposits, property has become an equally important asset. Indians look for the right occasion as well as an auspicious one to start anything new and also property purchases are no different. A key light for the festive season used to be the mega discount offers announced by the builders.

Due to a number of reasons like good connectivity, infrastructure, multitude of opportunities, good commercial value, etc. it is known to be the best and emerging destination for buying or investing in a property in Gurugram. This particular hotspot is the most liked place by the new-age millennial as this satellite city is full of opportunities of the youth. People are also realising the importance of having real estate, as an asset class in their investment basket, as a more reliable option offering steady returns compared to the highly volatile stock market that comes with heightened risks.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman – Signature Global Group & Chairman – ASSOCHAM National Council on Real Estate, Housing and Urban Development says, “Amid these uncertain market conditions, only real estate is promising assured growth to investors and end-users looking to allocate their funds safely. South of Gurugram & New Gurugram, being one of the most planned upcoming residential destinations in the Gurugram region, is emerging as the preferred realty hotspot. The location holds utmost significance while purchasing a property because it will have a massive impact on your home’s value. As per the current uncertain sentiment in the market, buyers are more inclined to choosing developers with proven records. We have always kept timely delivery of our projects as a priority by deploying innovative technologies that ensure speed, efficiency and quality of construction.

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