Real Estate wing in the Process of Revival

After the much talked about the positive transition of the real estate market, there are yet another prospects which are likely to boom the whole of real estate segment. Approaching festive season is bringing in hopes for the developers and builder related to an increased amount of the sales. Even after the advent of much awaited and benefitting enactments like the RERA & GST, there have been people who still have stayed away from the market probably due to the uncertain economic scenario. Enactment of RERA has been introduced as one way to bring back the credibility and transparency into the sector. The lack of transparency had left many people dubious and reluctant about making investments in the real estate sector. The array of laws and policies supporting the needs of a common man has given developers the opportunity to reach out to more and more buyers and suffice their needs while giving a boost to the market. This years’ festive season is seeing a positive scenario as there have been amendments for the benefit of both the buyers and developers that are already in action. Also, an observation of the Indian target audiences that they go ahead with prominent purchases without many delays during the auspicious festive season.

Also, the leveled up Affordable housing projects give a glance of the progressing state. When the market is healthy enough, the real estate segment contributes a considerable fraction to the nation’s GDP. The real estate undeniably has economic and productive effects. “This festive season can really be the best time for the prospected buyers to go ahead with their desirable homes as there is transparency and productivity in the market which is totally assured. People who have been longing for their own homes since long should consider RERA & GST and understand that the market has now revived according to the needs and comfort of the consumers.We have brought in affordable housing projects in Gurugram that are RERA certified, so the people striving for own houses can definitely have ample of options to fulfil their need” says Pradeep Aggarwal, Co-founder & Chairman, Signature Global.

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