Real estate market being evolved: Buyer needs sufficed

The real estate market has finally gained the much-needed momentum. The progressive policy approach by the government is letting the buyers regain trust for this sector. Amidst unregulated, unorganized and disoriented course of events, investments in land and property were high-risked. There used to be no relief for the dubious investors and home buyers.

The affordable housing project mission has gained momentum as both the government and financing institutions have enabled various policies benefiting the unprivileged section of the society. Due to these reforms, the real estate sector would soon gain bigger trust from the buyers. The positive impact of the government policies is visible as more and more people are turning up to buy these residential affordable projects in Gurugram.

Considering the past few years, we can say that they have not been much sufficing for the investors and home buyers,  the advent of transparency through regulations is bringing in various residential projects in Gurugram that would gratify the need of larger proportion of people. The perspective for the real estate segment is gradually changing.  This would benefit the market and introduce new and serious investors. People who had been willing to invest in the sector but had cost and assurance related concerns will be able to invest their hard-earned money smartly.  The execution of such benefitting policies has already commenced and hopefully, there are some more lined up for the right time. With quick execution and policy change, the sector will give rise to new parameters and housing styles.  This will also lead the financial institutions to work on lower thresholds which will make new inroads for the home-buyers.  The increase in demand of affordable projects is seen on the real estate portals clearly by the experts. It’s a positive sign for us as we have been focusing on a similar concept since the beginning. According to me, it’s not just the affordable housing scheme but the array of amendments which is revamping the real estate sector’s image.

“The real estate market is now in line with the needs of the majority of the people as there is transparency and low-cost property both.  With help of RERA, all such fraudulence would disappear.  People striving for affordable homes can let their hair down and buy a desirable choice as things have changed into their favor to a larger extent. Affordable housing is a great deal as the investment is really compact and returns would undeniably be advantageous. People have faced issues where they had commutation problems as the affordable property they purchased used to be on the outskirts of the city.  We identified this issue and one may see the contrasting solution in our projects and their locations. The recent scenario will also foster the retail projects in Gurugram so it can be assumed that the whole of real estate market will show a big boost ” says Pradeep Aggarwal, Co-founder & Chairman, Signature Global.

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