Haryana’s new ‘Home for Everyone’ department to boost affordable & low-cost housing

Haryana government’s budget proposal this year to create a new department- Home for Everyone’ may well help coordinate all policy-related efforts, in turn giving a boost to low-cost and affordable housing in Gurgaon and other cities of Haryana.

Proposed Plan

This proposed new department is meant to further accelerate the efforts of the state government to achieve the objective of the central government’s flagship program of Housing For All. Haryana is a leading state in terms of having the most progressive policy for affordable housing. Now, all the policy initiatives and schemes related to affordable housing for the masses and low-cost housing for the poor will be carried out by the proposed housing department in order to ensure better coordination for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Chairman of Assocham National Council on Real Estate, Housing & Urban Development, Pradeep Aggarwal Says,  ” The formation of such a department is a good initiative on the part of state government, It should be ensured that this initiative results in better coordination and implementation. This will help provide a boost to affordable and low-cost housing for the poor, in turn, help provide a home to everyone in Haryana and meeting the objective of Housing for All at the national level.

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