Gurugram with planned development

The  Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has recently become functional. The budding growth in this city is looking forward to the balanced and overall growth.  The authority is expected to bring in the appropriate model and layout plan to govern the concerned firms and agencies in the region. The major plan is to boost the infrastructure development and urban environment in the city. According to the industry experts, the growth of the retail projects in Gurugram and the affordable housing projects in Gurugram have been playing a major role in the infrastructural development of the city. The increased amount of job opportunities have given spur to the commercial space and other retail projects in Gurugram. Also, due to the advent of new governing acts like RERA, the market has started to grow at a comparatively faster pace.

According to the sources, the next 3 years would give  Gurugram an addition of about 11 million sq ft of office spaces. The arrival of GMDA is expected to allow regional development in Gurugram within a lesser duration of time. The city based developers are welcoming the set up of the authority and have expressed their expectations regarding the prompt enhancement of the urban life in the whole of Gurugram.

“The government’s decision to initiate a move over urbanisation is a positive step for the Gurugram. The infrastructural development always plays a vital role and it is going to make our efforts and projects visible and available to the larger strata of the city’s population. The upcoming plans in line with the economic and industrial development in the city would give developers like us a chance to establish more affordable housing projects in Gurugram to suffice the residential needs of the people” says Pradeep Aggarwal, Co-founder & Chairman, Signature Global.

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