Government support for Affordable Housing Projects

The affordable housing projects in Gurgaon have been getting the much needed attention since a few months.  There has been an array of the affordable housing projects by various developers in collaboration with the authorities. The Haryana Urban Development Authority has been doing efforts for the quick execution of affordable housing units in the city. Developers like Signature Global, have been benefiting larger proportion of people who had been aspiring for the affordable homes in the region.  Solera, Sector 107,Roselia, Sector 95A, Serenas, Sector 36 are some of the projects of Signature Global dedicated to affordable housing in Gurugram.  Affordable housing has become a latest topic and interest for growth prospective in the real estate market. The developers are happy to see the response and reports related to the sales of these low-cost units. The reports have clearly proved that there is still a huge demand for the low-cost housing in the city.

The commercial projects like retail projects in  Grurugram have also shown a lift  however, the market potential of affordable housing projects in the country is expected to touch Rs 6.25 trillion by 2022 due to demand emanating from a growing population and the disparity that exists in household income and high real estate prices. This demand is likely to remain stable even during the period of down turn.

“The support by the government for affordable housing projects basically calls for leveraging not only people but also the developers who have find it difficult to implement the execution of such projects. It’s an opportunity for developers like us to benefit the majority by coming up with low-cost projects. The intermingling of HUDA & Haryana Government has been successful for encouraging public sector participation. Our affordable housing projects in Gurugram are being appreciated for the work people as well as for the other classes who have been trying to purchase an affordable house. The idea of Gurugram being the financial and industrial hub influenced us to turn up with the projects here. We are getting an encouraging response from the buyers residing in Haryana” says Pradeep Aggarwal,  Co- founder & Chairman, Signature Global.


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