Affordable Housing – A major step towards Health Promotion

Affordable housing is well understood to be an important social determinant of physical and mental health and well-being. There is strong evidence characterizing affordable housing’s relationship to health. Housing stability, safety and affordability all affect health outcomes, as do physical and social characteristics of neighbourhood.

Residents struggle to afford not just a place to live, but stable home that supports their health and well-being. Access to Affordable Housing promotes health which can enable families to spend more on food and health care that leads to improvement in health outcomes. Housing can improve the effectiveness of care for patients whose coverage is relating to Medicaid or similar programs. Many positive health outcomes may result from more access to high-quality affordable housing. Homeownership may contribute to health improvements by fostering greater self-esteem, increased residential stability, and sense of security. The stable and affordable housing supports mental health.

The Centre for Housing Policy recently reviewed the growing body of research on the various ways in which the production, rehabilitation or other provisions of affordable housing may lead to improved health outcomes. Based on this they identified, by alleviating crowding, affordable housing can reduce exposure to stressors and infectious disease, leading to improvements in physical and mental health. By allowing victims of domestic violence to escape abusive homes, affordable housing can lead to improvements in mental health and physical safety. Families may be under great stress and have more negative health outcomes without residential stability.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman – ASSOCHAM National Council on Real Estate, Housing and Urban Development, Founder and Chairman – Signature Global India Pvt. Ltd. said, “No one should have to choose between paying rent and paying for health care because affordable housing leads to better health outcomes and access to a healthy and affordable home is again a prerequisite to good health.”

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