Canal water supply to boost real estate demand along SPR

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority’s (GMDA) plan to supply additional 100 million litres daily of canal water supply to sectors 58- 68 along Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) from May  is likely to boost real estate demand in this area.

GMDA currently supplies 420 million litres daily water to the city from its water treatment plants of Chandu Budhera and Basai. Yet large number of residents have no access toi canal water supply and are dependent on water tankers.The new plan adds another 100 MLD of canal water supply  to the residents living in sectors along SPR from Chandu  Budhera water treatment plant. Further, by the end of the year, GMDA plans to increase the capacity by another  100 MLD   and with the help of a new boosting station in Sector 72, the canal water supply will reach up to Sectors 75.

Says Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman, Signature Global, ” There has been rapid increase in people living in newly developed sectors along SPR. Over the last 3 years, over 2 lakh people had settled in over 4 dozen newly developed residential societies in Sectors 58- 75.

But all of them have been without access to canal water. Now, the augmentation of canal water infrastructure will provide a new thrust to real estate demand in this area”.

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